Friday, October 30, 2009


Eventually every double-neck Steinberger finds a loving home and this viola-shaped guitar will certainly find a good parent in due time. Built on spec last month from my last bit of mahogany from Rosenzweig Lumber (est. 1910) in the South Bronx. My all-time favorite lumberyard and located just four miles south-east of 1520 Sedgewick Avenue. (...and six and a half miles from the intersection of Ohm and Ampere Avenues!) Guitar has a hollow body with no f-holes and black lacquer under clear-coat on back and sides. Great-sounding 60s Teisco pickups which took much fussing with shims to get the output balanced between neck and bridge. Old, 1930s (??) tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic bridge. Mahogany and rosewood neck with the undeniably great Tonepros vintage repro tuners. Very lightweight.

Most, or all, violin-shaped guitars and basses are somewhat stylized in their design but the body shape here is taken directly from a Google images search for 'Viola' and scaled on a Xerox machine at Kinkos. I'll do a dual dedication to LA's Paisley Underground and my pal Dan, America's biggest Beatles fanatic!

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