Friday, October 16, 2009

First Bass

First bass built in the standard Old Style style. Fender bird's eye maple neck, P-bass pickup by Lindy Fralin and my stock of cherry wood never seems to dry up so book matched cherry top and back. Light and resonant. No bass amp in the Old Style test kitchen, just my old Fender Princeton, so I will have to hunt one down for R&D. Mark Ohe, famous art director/graphic designer and bassist for Endless Boogie was over a couple days ago and suggested the action be lowered a bit so I lowered it.

Endless Boogie played last night at Avalon in the shadow of the Capitol Records HQ on Hollywood and Vine. Jesper Eklow, EB guitarist, took this guitar out for an airing. The guitar came together earlier this year at my gallerist's eastern Pennsylvania home. I set up a plywood and saw horse table in front of her 18th century barn over Memorial Day weekend. Note the guitar's combined POW/MIA and PA Dutch vibe. Late 60s Danelectro/Coral neck, 19th century mahogany body, Lollar P-90. Sumi ink and wax finish.

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  1. I recall watching you perform pachabel's canon on a bass at the end of special projects week you junior year... Cool to see that 20+ years later, you're still doing things your own way!