Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Corpse of Discovery, Saturday, July 10th, 7:00 PM at Old Style

Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman will perform this Saturday, July 10th at Old Style. 7:00 PM. Not to be missed. This, the third in an ongoing series of free events at Old Style, celebrates the release of Mr. Zimmerman's new disc. (Extremely) limited to 300 copies on vinyl, this record will soon be more valuable than your first pressing of Oar. A lavish production, the record jackets were silkscreened (marble-ink monoprints), letterpressed, and "oil-foil" stamped on uncoated chipboard. Bryan will also be handing out used phone cards found on NYC streets with a code for a free download of the record. A very rare West coast appearance.

Also performing alongside Zimmerman this Saturday will be Laura Ortman (who also performs with Bryan as The Dust Dive), Patrick McCarthy, and Travis Millard.

Corpse of Discovery was recorded and co-produced by Jason Loewenstein who is best known as a member of Sebadoh as well as Fiery Furnaces.

More info about C.o.D. HERE on the Free 103.9 website.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Points North with Richard Reed Parry

Helsinki Cathedral, Senate Square

This, to my knowledge, is the furthest point North one of my guitars has ventured. Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland. About 60 degrees North latitude. Almost as far North as Wasilla, Alaska. Fiddlesticks! To put things in perspective, New York City is at approximately the same latitude as Madrid or Rome.

Another handsome one-piece outfit on Mr. Parry and I love how much Win Butler's vocals sound like Neil Young. -Prob has something to to with the mic on the videographer's phone. I dunno.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Old Style Reviewed !!

Not to be confused with (field tested and approved by a couple sexy seniors I know), has just posted a review of Old Style. Check it out!