Friday, December 11, 2009

Old Style Oddity

Short-scale homemade octave guitar in stunning Makita blue. From the Mark Ramos-Nishita collection. A gift from (and presumably made by) a fan which was presented to Mark after a show. This guitar makes me chuckle. PRS-esque headstock, DiMarzio (da-mazzio if you're from Queens) humbucker, and string-through hardtail Strat bridge. Three-piece maple neck-through construction. The pickup was rattling around freely in its cavity and that was addressed. I should probably replace the pickup mounting ring but was moved to keep it as original as possible. Any major alterations might be regrettable, like when I cut the legs off that Chippendale highboy to fit it in the bedroom. I thought Leslie Keno was going to beat me with a broom handle for that one.

With the pickup back where it belonged, I gave the guitar a new set of strings and the intonation got a nudge. Plugged it in and it sounded pretty damn good! I would recommend this one for the shorter guitarist as it will make you appear considerably bigger on stage. Coupled with a pair of Prince's stiletto heels, all eyes will now be on you!

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