Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Style Inspiration

The Originator, Bo Diddley profiling with futuristic, tail-fin/jet-age guitar sometime in the 50s. Supro neck with Gumby headstock and white button Klusons, two DeArmond Stratotone single-coils in the neck and middle positions, rosewood bridge and a very old tailpiece probably from an ancient mail order flat-top acoustic. I'm barely making out tone and volume knobs on the upper horn and a pickup switch could be lurking in there somewhere. I dunno? Jet silhouette painted below pickups and are those sequins up top?!! Not sure if any color photographs exist of this guitar but I'm going to guess white with red airplane, etc. And check out that 8x10 cabinet in the background! -Wonder what he had powering that beast? Rock N Roll take on the Heisman Trophy pose, new suit, stylish V-neck sweater, and great hair. The whole package.

One of my all time favorites after the primordial electric solidbody built by Paul Bigsby in 1947 for Merle Travis. Not quite sure where this modified Stratocaster ( with built-in drum machine fits into the mix but it's clear to me that it never traveled as carry-on baggage. Viva Bo. 30 December 1928 - 2 June 2008

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  1. Oh man, have you seen this picture of one of Bo's creations? I just found it: